Time to Fit Two Years into Five Weeks

When I looked at my calendar this morning I couldn’t help but notice that I have exactly five weeks left in my favorite city—the city I have been calling home for the past two years. Yesterday as I went for a run through Back Bay I admired literally everything I saw. I couldn’t believe how lucky I have been to call this area my neighborhood. Although it was refreshing to finally explore the city again (it was above freezing and sunny—basically a summer day), it was still a reminder that I will soon have to give up some of my favorite pieces of the past two years. So before I head back home for the summer, it seems I have a lot of firsts and a lot of favorites to fit into a month.

Remember my post about prioritizing and not saying yes to everything? Well these next few weeks I may be throwing that lesson out the window (just for the next month I promise!). This is because I only have a short time left as an undergrad in Boston. I only have five weeks to experience this “Part 1” of college here at BU.

Like many college students (well I think many college students…), I made a “Boston Bucket List.” AKA—the ultimate tourist activities list to finish before I graduate. This included a North End dinner with a Mike’s Pastry cannoli included, a study session in the Public Library, a picnic in the Boston Commons (which is one thing I CAN check off), and many more famous Boston attractions. Then of course there was my endless list of cafés, which I sadly may not even make a dent in, but you can bet I’ll try.

In these next five weeks I’m going to take advantage of every opportunity I am given to enjoy Boston, enjoy my sorority sisters, my roommates and BU. Yes my planner is full of events for organizations, work, exams and presentations; however, time management this next month is going to be crucial in order to accomplish as many things on my list that are possible.

I’ll be plenty busy this April, but if that means getting my Mike’s cannoli and sipping every latte down Newbury, I think it’ll be worth it 😉



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