Just in Case You Were Curious–Beantown Bucket List

In my last post I mentioned I have an ongoing Boston bucket list—one that I began last year upon arriving to BU. During the rest of my time at BU (yes a short four weeks) I will be working to check off the remaining items one by one. My Instagram will most likely become evidence to accomplishing the list, but whether or not some stories make it to the blog we will have to find out later.

I figured I would give you a look at it for yourself, so here it is–the complete bucket list, which should probably be renamed to “Important Places to Find Food near BU” due to the common food theme throughout it…no shame in my priorities.

~no particular order~

  • Eat from a Comm Ave food truck
  • Harvard Square—Did visit here during “Godparents Weekend” in my freshman fall, but want to go again. [half] check.
  • New England Zoo—Okay so I may have added this one to bring my success percentage rate up because this is our Spring Formal location—[soon-to-be] check.
  • New England Aquarium—Had never been before, yet managed to go twice in one month last semester. Penguins with the fam. Formal with the Fishies. Double Check.
  • Study at the Boston Public Library—Failed to do this during the pretty winter season (probably because we were snowed in #BOSnow).
  • Baseball Game at Fenway, Sweet Caroline included—I have been into Fenway twice (not counting the ’09 tour with fam), but let’s be honest here–the Yankee game last fall (minus one Jeter) is really the only one that matters. check. #GoYanks
  • Beanpot game—Went last year when we weren’t the champs but hey still counts. check.
  • Freedom trail—Yes I am counting ‘09 with the family because oh the memories are still so clear. *follow the red brick road…* check.
  • Uburger—Because I can’t remember the last time I had a milkshake.
  • Tatte Bakery—This is one café that I CANNOT leave Boston without getting a latte from.
  • MarMon (x2)—Because being in Boston on Marathon Monday was actually one of the best days to experience. check. [soon-to-be] double check.
  • SoWa Market—Missed my chance because it doesn’t begin again til May, but yes it’s still on the list (maybs on one of the many future visits)
  • Flour Bakery and Cafe—Brunch. Brunch. Brunch.
  • Duck Tour—I have to say this one is not happening, and I’m perfectly okay with that.
  • Boston Commons picnic—Last spring with the roomies. check.
  • North End with a Mike’s Pastry cannoli—Need I say more?
  • T Anthony’s—Shoutout to Jill and Sara with helping me succeed far too many times with enjoying this beautiful place. too many checks.
  • Angora Cafe–York Peppermint Patty Froyo = heaven in a cup. check.
  • BU Pub—My goal was to be knighted at the pub and unfortunately leaving as a 20 year old kills this chance (not making my Irish side proud with this one).
  • Coolidge Corner—I know what you’re thinking—how have I not been there yet. But no worries, it’ll happen.

Okay, additions might be made, but none are being deleted, so stay tuned for the update on how successful the month of Boston loving goes. and for pics ~or it didn’t happen~



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