Happy 22nd Birthday Christine Elizabeth

It’s about to get real sentimental in this post for my favorite sister as she finally gets to feel 22 on tomorrow’s lovely Monday morning.


We have all heard the sayings before:

Blood is thicker than water.

Friends come and go; family is forever.

Chance made us sisters; hearts made us friends.

Well the sister cliché couldn’t hold truer than in my relationship with this beautiful birthday girl. I am so beyond blessed to have an older sister who really is a best friend. We were lucky enough to only be two years apart because that gave us the opportunity to go through everything at basically the same time. I have to admit I lucked out though getting to watch her go through everything immediately before me (and stealing her prom and formal dresses was always a plus too).

We are plenty alike, yet the pieces of us that are different are what make our relationship so strong. You will be far-fetched to find two other girls who could be screaming, literally screaming at each other for something we should not even be arguing about, and then less than five minutes later back to laughing hysterically because there’s too many things I constantly need to share with her.

We’re the sisters who people accidentally mistake as twins—we’re the “Mooney girls.” My whole life I’ve been known as “Christine’s little sister” or accidentally called “Christine,” and I can honestly say this has never really bothered me. And that’s something special I think. After all, we’re two years apart and a lot of comparisons can occur between two sisters that close in age. But we understand we have differences and different strengths in life. I bet you didn’t know Christine could kill it when singing huh? And then there’s me over hear, the tone deaf one. And when something doesn’t go well, let’s just say you’ll know by the expression on my face. Christine though? She’ll be smiling as usual because she knows how to laugh even during the rougher times.

I can’t even begin to write the amount of support I receive from my older sister in everything. We talk to each other every single day even though we are in different states. She’s my person to share any news, concerns, fears, laughs, grades on exams, or when I need to know what to wear that day, and of course we can’t forget the boy talk. I value her opinion more than anyone else’s.

I know my sister will always be on my side no matter what. No matter what I need help with, no matter how small the problem is, no matter who or what is stressing me out. She’s always there to support me, stand up for me, and stand with me.

The most frustrating part of our relationship is definitely trying to stay mad at each other. I’m a stubborn girl (I’m an Aries, what can I say) and when I get mad it turns into a game for Christine to see how long it’ll take before I break with a smile—maybe two seconds max.

She’s easygoing, beautiful, amazing with kids, fun, and deals with far too much in her life that only proves her strength.

Christine brings out the best in me because I look up to her. There are plenty of times I need to relax, lighten up a little, actually enjoy the day, and she’s always there to help in that area.

I take her support, advice, her friendship and her clothes everywhere with me.

She is most definitely going places, and I can’t wait to be by her side because let’s be honest, you can’t have one Mooney girl without the other.


I’m so happy that next year I’ll be little closer to her and we will get to share more special moments and occasions together. Especially since she’s leaving me this summer AGAIN as she takes on the real world in her internship. I know she will do amazing things in the professional world before coming back to Caledonia and getting to play with me the rest of the summer.

Happy 22nd Birthday, Christine. Thank you for being my best friend for officially two decades now. I can’t wait for the rest of the decades still to go—when we’re old and sipping cocktails in our retirement.



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