Communicate for Good: Finding a Cure for PCA

Some of the best advice I have received in my undergraduate career was in my Media Relations course at Boston University. Our professor shared plenty of knowledge and advice from both his professional and life experiences. On the last day he told us about his charitable endeavors, and continued to explain to us that once we learn all these communication skills and become experts in the field, we have the chance to do so much good with these skills.

That is what solidified my goal of one day establishing a foundation to raise money and awareness for a cause that has affected my family firsthand—Posterior Cortical Atrophy (PCA).

In class, I am taught how to communicate, how to share messages and persuade people to act. These skills do not have to only be used to sell products; although let’s face it, that is what’s going to pay the bills. In my spare time I plan to do good. And with this goal of doing good, I choose to begin with something very close to my heart, Posterior Cortical Atrophy.

I do not have a talent that will make me famous. I will not become a celebrity of sport or entertainment to place myself in the media on a large public scale. However, I do have a computer, this blog, and the ability to publish my thoughts. With this platform, I choose to communicate something far bigger than my daily complaints and random lessons. Today I choose to communicate a call to action: please join my family’s PCA awareness campaign and donate to PCA research.

It is not a foundation quite yet, but it is a step in the right direction. This amazing cause, which can be supported through my family’s new fundraising page, is intended to one day find a cure for an awful neurological disease that lacks awareness and funding.

Even a single dollar donation may not seem like a lot, but added together it could keep these doctors running the labs and studies that may find medicines, treatment and one day a cure for PCA.

Thank you.




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