United We Once Stood

I can recall a conversation I had with my maternal grandmother about what it was like growing up in the 1930’s and 40’s. She grew up during the end of the Depression Era and during World War II, yet my grandma spoke about how special the country was at that time. We were at war and there were plenty of hardships, but I can remember her saying how the country was still so unified and proud.

This is something I envy. I envy the American pride that rang through so many of our citizens. This isn’t to say our society doesn’t have American pride anymore, but we are lacking the unity.

At only 20 years old, I and my generation have witnessed terrorism, tragedy and division within our own country. Our government has extreme problems to address right now in terms of national safety, and I feel that this should be bringing our country together–with the ultimate goal to fight for our safety. Instead I believe the exact opposite is happening. Every day there seems to be a greater division between the people of our country– whether this is due to political campaigns, media or social media, I do not know.

Back in the World War era people most definitely had different political and social opinions when there were obviously different political parties and agendas. However, we still acted as one nation–not tearing down those with opposing opinions simply because they were not our own (I understand this is a generalization–it would be ridiculous to say everyone was perfectly respectful to the other party). The point is that in order to keep America strong and safe, we do need to be a unified nation that takes necessary actions to uphold our strength.

I have no answers for how to solve our nation’s problems–I’m just a 20-year-old PR student. I do have one opinion, though: something needs to happen in our administrative leadership to bring our country back together in a way that individuals can respect their fellow Americans’ opinions without constantly finding offense or refusing to take responsibility for their own individual or political actions.

Yes it’s idealistic. I’m not asking for all of America to just get along–that would be crazy. But I do worry about where our nation is headed in terms of being “United, One Nation Under God” because this foundational belief seems to be missing in the news I watch and read everyday.



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