Smile About What’s Next 

A lot of days can be tense. Filled with apprehension about the future, concerns about the past, anxiety about things we can’t control.

Yet sometimes I catch myself in these moments of pure optimism. Excitement for the future. Excitement for what I can make of my life. 

I adore the split-second when I catch myself smiling over this.

I’ve been so wrapped up in what I should be doing next that I forget there are so many possibilities and paths my life can actually take. 

and I don’t just mean with my career.

I mean with friendships and relationships. I mean with travelling and seeing the world. I mean with love. 

and well of course I do mean my career too.

I chose to write this here, so I wouldn’t forget in my down moments that these moments too exist. 

That feeling of possibility and hope for all that life still has in store for it. 



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