Communicating Happiness: You Can’t Be Sad While Holding An Ice Cream Cone

Three weeks without Instagram has NOT been an easy feat–which left me to get a little creative and loophole my way through sharing a few of my favorite Week Three moments with you. This past week was again super busy, and slightly tiring (not sleeping through the night is very unfortunate with just a couple weeks left of college). However, my weekend was full of happy friends, happy moments, and happy hours.

The weekend began by finishing my senior capstone project followed by a much-needed trip to Purity Ice Cream, so I pretty much set my Friday up for success. After our nutritious ice cream lunch, my friend Deanna and I decided to check off one of our Ithaca bucket list items: the lighthouse. After an interesting adventure through Stewart Park, we have to admit that the lighthouse still remains on our bucket list. Our Fitbits were pretty happy with our adventure though!

Check back to next week’s post, and maybe we’ll have found our way by then.

The day continued with spending lots of time with my friends in one of our final weekends in college. Graduation is crazy close! After spending some time with classmates to “cheers” to the end of our busy semester (and few years), I continued the night by grabbing a drink with my close friends. With the Happiness Challenge in full effect, I know I made Dad proud by ordering a bourbon cocktail (a little fruitier than he’d ever order!).


Although I was hit with a lot of exhaustion this week, I didn’t let that get me down. Saturday was another full day–savoring every bite of my Farmers Market cider donut, embracing a rather chilly afternoon outdoors, and finishing the night dancing around with my best friends. My favorite part of the weekend was hearing one friend tell me, “you were so happy last night!” That’s something I haven’t heard in a while, and to know I genuinely felt happy without putting on a front–that’s a pretty cool feeling 20 days into my 100 day challenge.


As you can see, the semester–and my college career–are really winding down. I’m finishing up my final papers and that’s about all I have left for school work. The rest of my time is spent unwinding and enjoying my friends. So far so good with the start of May. Now if only the weather could get the happy memo!



Communicating Happiness: The Moments I Won’t Get Back

It’s week two and my hope to post a blog each week on the same day has already failed. Not without some effort though! Last night, I opened up my laptop to write, and couldn’t find any words. Apparently after a packed day, I just wasn’t too inspired. Instead of throwing something together just to keep to my “schedule,” I decided I might have better luck waking up and writing alongside a nice cup of (iced) coffee.

Which is where I am at right now. Two weeks into my Happiness Challenge, two weeks into my social media cleanse, and two weeks left of undergrad. It’s quite an eventful time! Over the past week, again no life-changing lessons or moments occurred. However, I had a pretty solid week. Mainly because I was back at home with my family–my entire family! For the first time in four months I saw my sister who was visiting for the weekend from Boston. It was a weekend filled with birthday celebrations, wedding planning, and of course good food and good wine.

With this in mind, I’d consider it a pretty happy week–give or take some super busy days at school. The next couple weeks though? These are going to be good. My school work looks to be pretty manageable, and I’m down to my final weeks in Ithaca. My goal is to hit every hiking trail I can while I still have the chance, and spend as much time as I can with my friends before we head off to our new cities.

It’s hard when everyone likes to ask what we are doing after graduation, when really all I want to do is savor the moments I have while still a student. I don’t want to focus on my internship (which is coming up super fast), but rather on the day-to-day moments that I won’t ever get back.

These are the moments I pass my friends on campus and it’s a nice surprise to my day. They are the moments I finish a stressful project and feel accomplished with the hours spent in front of my computer. The moments I’m laughing too hard around a kitchen table with my best friends. The 70 degree days where I can really appreciate how beautiful this campus is. The moments I remember that I’m graduating from a wonderful college and have earned an education that many people may not even have access to. These are the moments I remember I’m only a college senior, and I have every opportunity still in front of me.

I’m not worried quite yet about my summer internship because I know it’s going to be a huge learning experience, one where I’m going to have to work hard and learn as I go. For now, I’m going to try not to worry. I’m going to have fun. A lot of fun. Because I graduate in 24 days. And I’m not going to get these days back.


Freshman Year 2.0?

Well, this is it. The beginning of my next chapter. I know that’s such cliche statement, but I love it because it’s true. This whole process is just a new chapter in my life. I’m all moved into my apartment, have one class under my belt, and only four more classes to go today. Yes I said today. Five classes in one day starting at 8am? Mondays will surely test my dependence on coffee.

Currently, I’m sitting in some dining lounge. I don’t know anyone around me yet. I don’t know where those doors next me actually lead to on campus. Honestly, I don’t know much about this college or campus at all. And strangely, I feel comfortable here. I’ve received a warm welcome from not only my roommates, but each student and professor I have met the past couple days. The hills will be the death of my legs, but this is the most beautiful campus to call home for my next two years.

Every time I leave the comfort of my home in Caledonia, I’m going to feel a little upset. That feeling just comes with having a close family. And I’m lucky to have such a close family to miss. However, I’m only two hours from home. JUST TWO. Not seven in a car. Not nine hours in a bus (that is if the bus doesn’t break down on the side of the highway). Not eleven hours and then some on a train. Not a hundreds-of-dollars plane ride away. TWO HOURS! I’ll be home before Christmas, and let me tell you–that is a nice feeling.

Today marks the start of my next adventure. I’m feeling like a freshman again in certain aspects of this “starting over” process, but a more confident freshman. I may not completely know where well, anything is on campus. But I do know how excited I am to start classes, join as many organizations as I can without going overboard, and I guess I’ll have to figure out my way around eventually. The campus TV station is at the top of my organization “wish list,” which is one thing I never would have thought of joining before moving here because I study PR not television; however, I’ve already witnessed how inclusive the Park School community is and I can’t wait to be apart of it.

(Throwback to Orientation):


It’s the first day, which means I truly don’t know how I’m going to feel next week about Ithaca, but I have to say, I don’t see myself regretting this decision to transfer. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my best friends from BU, my sisters and my favorite city (Boston has my heart). But those things that I miss will always be there for me. Right now though, I know Ithaca College is where I need to be, and I’m more than ready for my Bomber adventure to begin.