Communicating Happiness: So Sorry for the Delayed Response!

~sorry I’m late, but…~



I write when I’m happy. I write when I’m sad, and also when I’m stressed. The point is that I write when I feel. This is why it is a little disheartening that it’s been almost a month since my last post–especially for someone who thrives on communicating. It’s not upsetting because I feel the need to document every part of my life via the internet–even though my social accounts may lead you to believe otherwise. However, it is disheartening because I think I may have forgotten how writing is a form of healing.

I feel better when I write.

For my loyal readers (hey mom), you know that I left off my posts with a happiness challenge–one that I had planned to document on a weekly basis. Well, those friends who know me, are well aware that the likelihood I’d actually follow a structured series calendar was slim.

Alas, I’m here to resume the challenge–on day 67 to be exact–because I’ve realized the challenge holds me accountable to look for the positives as I encounter the ups and downs of life.

The past few weeks have left little time to rest–hence the blogging delay.

With a college graduation behind me, I headed for a short vacation to Florida then flew back to New York with less than 24 hours to spare before beginning my first post-grad chapter–an internship in the city.


As an elementary school student, I wanted to live in New York City. For some reason, I just couldn’t wait to experience life beyond the small town I grew up in. This is obviously what led to my first college decision of attending BU and gaining a bit of the city life in Boston. I fell in love with that city, and although I returned to a smaller school environment at Ithaca–I never lost that feeling of wanting to explore and give a new city a shot, even if I do love my small hometown.

So I thought to myself, hey let’s try for the big one–the big internship in the big company in the big apple (sorry, couldn’t help myself).


Which is where I am now.

Part of me wanted to hate working in New York because well, you know my track record with making decisions. If I love multiple places, how am I going to ever figure out where I’m going to live?

As you can guess, I currently adore working in New York. Although I could handle an easier commute than my grandma’s home on Long Island–I love the summer I am living so far. I love the anonymity of walking down the streets. I love that I have to learn my way around and make plenty of wrong turns. I love that everyone is so different. I love the city culture–the one that brings together so many different cultures. And of course, I love the knowledge I am receiving at my internship. I’m learning the craft of PR from the best in the business and trying absorb as much as I can with the short six weeks I have remaining.

My first couple weeks in this new little chapter have been exciting, terrifying, humbling, and fun. I’m able to meet new people, see college friends, spend time with family, and of course enjoy dinner with my grandma every single weeknight. Even though it’s not ideal to spend time away from my immediate family, I know that I’m throwing myself into this summer, and trying not to hold back from opportunities because of any apprehension.

New York City may be my next home. Boston may be my next home. Rochester may continue to be my home. Who knows what the fall season will bring; however, for now I’m going to push myself to learn exactly where I will want to live next. I’m going to say yes to things I’m worried I may fail at, agree to go out on adventures with friends when I know the “safe” choice would be to stay home, and most importantly, I’m not going to let any mistakes or insecurities hinder the chance at fulfilling my dreams and goals–both professionally and personally.

That little girl had dreams to be working in New York City. And here I am today. My dreams are going to continue evolving, so all I have to do is follow them–whatever city they may take me to next.


P.S. shout out to Deanna for reminding me I couldn’t let today pass without getting back into blogging.


Why I’m Going to Keep Watching the Fairytales.

Life is hard. Simple as that. It’s stressful, tragic, busy, sad, emotional. The list could go on.

Now, fairytale romances? Those are fun. They are magical, romantic, stress-free and happy. Sure many people now critique old school Disney fairytales for forgetting about female empowerment, but have you ever walked out of a fairytale with a frown on your face? No. That’s because you like the magic. You crave the romance. You long for the happily ever after that you just watched on-screen.

This is the same for any romantic comedy or romantic novel.

I’m not saying I look to romantic comedies as life motivators. Matthew McConaughey’s abs are not necessarily the cornerstone of female empowerment. John Cusack’s lines are not going to inspire my future career as a communications powerhouse.

Note that I wrote powerhouse, not just a female powerhouse in my industry.

No, these rom coms are not going to define how I live my life, but they are going to bring me two hours of happy tears and smiles before I get back to reality. And maybe remind me that love and happiness also should have a prominent place in life beside your career.

Happily ever after’s exist in the “real world.” I truly believe that. They don’t come without bumps along the way and continuous struggles, and these happy endings do not look the same from person to person. But I know they exist.

I may not have my own happily ever after yet, but I’m twenty years old. If I reached my happily ever after now, then what life stories would I have when I’m a crazy old woman? I have a mountain of a life to climb before I reach that “fade to black with the happy music and closing credits.”

Reality is hard enough without analyzing and overanalyzing the blissful movies that are life’s greatest escape. So I say enjoy the hopeless romance. Embrace your own happiness when the two characters fall in love. And believe that when those movie or novel characters live happily ever after—that you too will have one of your own some day.

Even if you have to go through hell and back to get there.


P.S. While en route to happily ever after, might I suggest you some of my favorite escapes to enjoy along the way? Perfect.

Rachel’s Go-To Romantic Comedies:

  1. Serendipity
  2. Sweet Home Alabama (Christine’s Favorite)
  3. 13 Going on 30
  4. Crazy, Stupid, Love
  5. How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days (plus any and all Matthew McConaughey Rom Coms)
  6. The Longest Ride (one of the least depressing Nicholas Sparks movies)
  7. When Harry Met Sally
  8. Pretty Woman
  9. The Holiday
  10. A Cinderella Story
  11. The Proposal
  12. The Princess Diaries (and 2)
  13. P.S. I Love You
  14. Enchanted
  15. The Parent Trap
  16. Ella Enchanted (Mom’s Favorite)
  17. What a Girl Wants (Mom’s Other Favorite)
  18. Chalet Girl (It’s on Netflix. Go find it.)
  19. Every Hallmark Movie. Every single one. Go watch them.
  20. Finding Nemo—not a Rom Com nor a Fairy Tale, just the happiest movie you’ll ever watch (after the first five minutes for obvious reasons you’ll see…)

This is not even close to being a complete list. The list is endless and I suggest you all go find your favorite rom coms to escape to.