Public Relations, Soccer, and Sunshine–How I’ll Spend My Summer Vacation.

Yesterday was my first step into the real PR world. It was my first day at my internship, and it couldn’t be with a more perfect organization for the goals I have for myself this summer (no pun intended).

My excitement walking into Sahlen’s Stadium actually resembled a kid on her first day of kindergarten.

This wasn’t because the stadium tour involved sitting in the sun on the turf watching players practice the sport that took over twelve years of my life–even though this was something that I couldn’t be more thrilled about. But it was because I get the chance to experience everything I was taught in my media relations class–to learn firsthand how to professionally write a press release specifically for the team, how to coordinate media requests, how to implement social media campaigns. Yes this may sound boring to many, but for a communications student who has only written class assignments from case studies, this opportunity is a huge deal that leaves me with pure excitement.

The thing about this internship is that even after the first day, I can connect so many concepts I learned from my professor to this sports industry and more specifically, to this single Rochester Rhinos organization. No matter what industry you are in, the organization has key messages, a key audience, and different vehicles to utilize and implement different ideas. It may look simple from the outside, but so much goes on behind the scenes to make a professional sports organization run smoothly, and this summer is my first chance, not to sit up in the stands and watch the Rhinos play the games, but to sit in the press box and take game notes, to work with the media and players, and to LEARN how communications skills, plans and campaigns are applied in the “sports world.”

Maybe I’m getting excited too soon. After all, I’m still in the orientation process. However, tomorrow is my first game as a member of the Rhinos organization. And even being an intern, the smallest one on the “corporate ladder,” I couldn’t be happier to embrace every moment and lesson that this summer has to offer–no matter how small the task and no matter how many mistakes that will inevitably be made in my first internship.


A little throwback for the soccer-themed summer.